Consider the Possibilities


Bare Corner- BEAUTIFIED!

Container gardening is nothing new, but, oh how the concept has been expanded!

Flowers and vegetables can potentially be seen all over a landscape: brightly colored pots with vibrant flowers set in among an evergreen planting, transforming the space into a garden focal point; bright containers set on something to give height to a flat planting; three-five-seven saucer planters placed under a tree with surface roots; containers secured to a boring fence, which is transformed in to being a solid support for bounteous beauty.


Boring Fence- GONE!


Don’t throw “it” out. “It” could make an interesting showpiece planter.

Garage doors don’t have much visual appeal, but there is room for two container planters with flowers that will sure look great.

The front entrance may look okay, but one-two-three containers with flowers all season sure would give it a special new appeal.

Just imagine where drama can be introduced simply in your landscape by employing plants in pots; or whatever.


Entrance- ENLIVENED!

decorative-containersContainers for flowers or small shrubbery or trees, that also light up through energy stored from sunlight, present some unique possibilities for nighttime displays on a patio, front entrance, or privacy garden.

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