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August Heat-Loving Bloomers

Nice to know that some plants like the heat and will perform well for your pleasure!

Professional Advice – August 2017

Watch For Brown Areas in your lawn; could be grubs or chinch bugs and should be investigated. Lawn Diseases

Professional Advice July 2017

A Reliable Water Supply becomes more critical as temperatures rise and rain is scarce. Container Plantings will require more diligent watering to keep them hydrated; just don’t over do it or roots will rot. Lawn Diseases can flourish if lawns come under heat and water stress. Treatment may be required to limit damage. Bird Bathing

Professional Advice – June 2017

Water is increasingly needed as the weather turns hotter. in order to keep stress low to help avoid insect and disease damage. “Weedy Gray Heads” – Bluegrass turf produces seed heads appearing lighter green, even grayish, before returning to a normal green color in a few weeks. Lawn Diseases can flourish as lawns come under heat/water stress and may require treatment to limit damage.

Professional Landscaping Advice – May 2017

Roses need weekly attention to combat disease and insect problems. If not already done, stems need to be pruned back to live wood, climbers re-secured to their supports, hybrid Teas pruned to 3 or 5 strong stems. Flower Seeds can be sown outdoors when your trees are in leaf, as it will be warm enough. Houseplants can be placed outdoors in protected areas as soon as the nights stay

Why Professional Care?

The maxim: “You get what you pay for” is true in every aspect of our lives. We could say: “especially with professional landscape care.” However, there are other aspects of professional care that don’t have a price tag. They’re almost hidden values, which are: one, our ability, gained and honed from years of experience; and,

Landscaping Services for Single Home Owners

Are you a single homeowner? Limited by time or money? If you answered ‘yes’ to either question, Robert Bradley Landscaping is here to help. We can assist you with any facet of your yard and landscaping needs. Our lawn care contracts include more than just regular yard maintenance, and no job is too big or too

Landscaping for your first home in Bergen County

Congratulations, you just purchased your first home! Maybe it’s a “fixer-upper” and you need lots of outdoor work – from the planting of grass and perennial gardens to the relocation or addition of trees and shrubs. Spending money on a professional landscape designer such as Robert Bradley Landscaping is a wise investment.  For decades, Robert has been designing

Landscaping Services for Retirees and Seniors

Retiring means having more free time on your hands for relaxing, traveling and spending time doing the things you want to do – not the things you have to do. Whether you spend your time in Bergen County (or elsewhere in NJ or NY) year-round, or whether you fly south for the winter, Robert Bradley