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A Few Ideas to Beautify Your Pathways

An ARBOR can be used to mark the entrance to another part of your landscape and provide a new perspective, provoking a bit of ‘mystery’ as to what can be discovered further down the path. LANDSCAPE LIGHTS are beautiful ‘touches’ for the garden, inviting safe evening strolls, perhaps to a garden bench where you have

Insects Chomp, Chew, Suck

One would like to think the nice new spring growth would be free to develop beautifully without harm. Alas, that is not the case. ‘Chewing’ insects, such as sawfly larvae that devour mugho pine needles while camouflaging themselves to look like the very needles they are chewing off. The ‘chompers,’ such as beetles and adult

Professional Advice May 2018

Roses need weekly attention to combat disease and insect problems. If not already done, stems need to be pruned back to live wood, climbers re-secured to their supports, hybrid Teas pruned to 3 or 5 strong stems. Flower Seeds can be sown outdoors when your trees are in leaf, as it will be warm enough.

Late Spring Pruning Needs

A frequently asked question: “When do I prune?” For general shaping, or for evergreens, the answer is: “Almost whenever the need arises.” With flowering shrubbery, one needs to be more specific. For early bloomers like forsythia and lilac, general pruning needs to be done right after flowering because next year’s blossoms are formed on this

May Garden Tips – Spring is upon us

Anything you would want to know about caring for your landscape can be found on the internet. But we bring you the essential information you need to make intelligent decisions about critical care items, and most importantly, ideas to make your landscape more beautiful. March teased about the rebirth of our landscapes. April unfolded that

Add A Specimen Plant to Your Landscape

There are hundreds of landscape quality plants to choose from. But, you will come to greatly appreciate these two if you install them in your garden. Dwarf Japanese Maple The most exquisite is the dwarf, weeping, cut-leaf, Japanese Red Maple. It blends as part of a setting, or can steal the show as a focal

Conserving Your Landscape

Actions in the spring are important for your landscape’s health. You know fertilizing, crabgrass prevention and weed control are normal routines. But, having your lawn cut higher will produce more food energy and storage in an expanding root system; important for sustaining turf all season. Tent caterpillars strip newly emerging leaves, which means those trees

Annual Plant “All American Selection” Winners

Each year plants are judged and named “All American Selections.” Here are several past winners.   Viola ‘Shangri-La Marina’ This vigorous, frost-tolerant viola blooms in early spring, and provides a solid mat of color in the fall until covered by snow, or it goes dormant. The next spring it recovers to bloom yet again!  

Special April Notes

Spring Bulb Foliage replenishes the energy supply for next year’s growth, so remove leaves only when they have completely browned. Spring Bulb Duds can be caused by: a late cold snap that injures flower buds before they open; planting bulbs too shallow; soil that was too wet and the bulbs rotted; tulips bloom for only

April Garden Tips: Spring is an interesting time

Your plants are becoming more alive every day, bolstered by the food energy stored from last season. It’s really a remarkable “system,” and it’s our purpose to augment that system in any way we can to help your landscape thrive beautifully! Beyond the physical items of removing winter’s debris, and pruning stems and branches which