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Tree & Shrub Care In May

Along with vibrant new growth, come hungry insects. While the disfigurement of the shrub or tree can be of some concern, the serious concern must be for the health of the plant. Whenever any plant is deprived of its full ability to produce nutrients through leaves and needles, its health is impacted. Here professional assistance

May Garden Tips – the Glory of Spring

With new growth surging all around us, we almost have a visual overdose with all the varying shades and tones of: whites; pinks; greens; purples; reds… while our lawns provide the background canvas with evolving  deeper shades of green to enhance the artistry of emerging spring scenes. It almost seems like lawns would get green

How Inviting is Your Entrance? – Entrance Gardens – March 2017

Often, when considering new landscaping, attention is paid to the living areas of the backyard, while the entrance isn’t given much thought, yet it is your presentation to the neighborhood, and the welcoming area for your guests. A rule of thumb is that the entrance garden area should reflect the style of your home, while

Convenient Container Vegetables for your Patio – March 2017

Thinking of potting some vegetables this spring? Here are some great ideas for container vegetables for your patio. A Few Special Plants To Consider For This Year’s Garden

Professional Gardening Advice for March

Rose stems need to be pruned back to live wood; climbers re-secured to their supports; hybrid Teas pruned to 3 or 5 strong stems as soon as new growth starts. Pansies can take the cold while providing early color for your patio planters or flower boxes, and in your garden. Cut back ornamental grasses and

March Garden Tips – Tips for a New Season in 2017

March ‘Garden Tips’ for a New Season As you go through march, you can sense spring is coming by the warming air; the longer brighter days, and the first stirrings of new plant growth. It’s all a wonder. Spring’s new growth instills hope for a new year where everything can be made right. The old

September Garden Tips 2016 #1

Landscape care costs have actually decreased over the years when comparing the value of the dollar now with its value decades ago. The principal reasons have been advances in hybrid grass varieties, new production methods of plants, more efficient landscape care materials, and more sensible management practices which include recognizing the contribution of natural forces within