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Professional Advice July 2017

A Reliable Water Supply becomes more critical as temperatures rise and rain is scarce. Container Plantings will require more diligent watering to keep them hydrated; just don’t over do it or roots will rot. Lawn Diseases can flourish if lawns come under heat and water stress. Treatment may be required to limit damage. Bird Bathing

July Garden Tips for the start of summer

This July 4th marks America’s 241st ‘birthday.’ It’s a time to fully enjoy the outdoors with family and friends. Fire up the barbecue: steaks, hamburgers, frankfurters are all appealing summer fare as you celebrate . . . in your landscape that you can be proud of because you are providing the care necessary for its

Herbs Need Not Be Just for Flavor

Having a herb garden has always been regarded as a “kitchen garden” in that the herbs are grown as flavoring for food dishes. Here we present another side, dual use for herbs making them more serviceable and desirable. In addition to those pictured below are many others that can be decorative in the garden, such

These Don’t Want You To Have A Nice Lawn

A lawn is a beautiful thing, but it takes care in order to avoid excess damage that could jeopardize its health. Dollar Spot occurs with a weather change, as well as lack of nitrogen, because the fertilizer has almost been expended. More fertilizer, and sometimes a fungicide is needed to stop the expanding damage. Sod

A Time For Trimming

Once the first new spring growth is finished on shrubs, it’s time for trimming, both for neat-ness, as well as to contain the size you want. Spruce and fir can be kept in shape by cutting new growth back to the juncture of other stems. To keep pines full, and somewhat controlling the size, requires

Professional Advice – June 2017

Water is increasingly needed as the weather turns hotter. in order to keep stress low to help avoid insect and disease damage. “Weedy Gray Heads” – Bluegrass turf produces seed heads appearing lighter green, even grayish, before returning to a normal green color in a few weeks. Lawn Diseases can flourish as lawns come under heat/water stress and may require treatment to limit damage.

June Garden Tips for the Transition

Somewhere between cool and moist hot and dry, lies a month of transition. June! It’s a period when the last of the early bloomers finish and prepare for next season, and the hotter season plants prepare to add their beauty to your landscape. It’s a time when some turf grasses may suddenly encounter heat that

Professional Landscaping Advice – May 2017

Roses need weekly attention to combat disease and insect problems. If not already done, stems need to be pruned back to live wood, climbers re-secured to their supports, hybrid Teas pruned to 3 or 5 strong stems. Flower Seeds can be sown outdoors when your trees are in leaf, as it will be warm enough. Houseplants can be placed outdoors in protected areas as soon as the nights stay

Leafy Decorative Colorful Plants

Hosta is a plant seen in shaded spots that is most familiar with green and white foliage. But, you could make up a whole garden with them. Look up Hosta Varieties and be amazed! Pictured is a Red Hosta growing in dense shade. A brand new hybrid is “First Blush” hosta with green leaves and

Why Professional Care?

The maxim: “You get what you pay for” is true in every aspect of our lives. We could say: “especially with professional landscape care.” However, there are other aspects of professional care that don’t have a price tag. They’re almost hidden values, which are: one, our ability, gained and honed from years of experience; and,