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August Heat-Loving Bloomers

Nice to know that some plants like the heat and will perform well for your pleasure!

A Pruning Challenge

Weeping style trees require consistent pruning and talent to keep them looking good. They tend to grow a bit wild with layers of branches over previous growth. So, one has to know how to keep selecting which branches to prune to maintain an ideal shape. Is It Time? Try and try again, but the same

Special August Notes

  Many lawn fungus diseases can have a ‘field day’ under August’s heat. Water is critical to relieve stress, but can contribute to disease proliferation if it is supplied early in the evening. Grass should Patch Disease Damage be dry by nightfall. NOTE: A fungicide treatment does NOT turn turf green. The grass plant must

August Garden Tips ~ to keep it green!

For doctors, it’s flu season; for accountants, it’s tax season; for horticulturalists, it’s August! That’s right, the race is on! To get your landscape from the end of July to the cooler temperatures of September is the priority; and this during the hottest time of the year when cool season grasses are struggling (while their

Professional Advice – August 2017

Watch For Brown Areas in your lawn; could be grubs or chinch bugs and should be investigated. Lawn Diseases

How Does It Work?

Weed Control Materials: must be absorbed through the leaves. If the weather is dry and hot, the leaves can’t absorb the control material and there will be no control. Controlling weeds in lawns requires special materials. Think of: “walls of defense” through which the materials must go in order to kill the weed. Lawn grasses

Professional Advice July 2017

A Reliable Water Supply becomes more critical as temperatures rise and rain is scarce. Container Plantings will require more diligent watering to keep them hydrated; just don’t over do it or roots will rot. Lawn Diseases can flourish if lawns come under heat and water stress. Treatment may be required to limit damage. Bird Bathing

July Garden Tips for the start of summer

This July 4th marks America’s 241st ‘birthday.’ It’s a time to fully enjoy the outdoors with family and friends. Fire up the barbecue: steaks, hamburgers, frankfurters are all appealing summer fare as you celebrate . . . in your landscape that you can be proud of because you are providing the care necessary for its

Herbs Need Not Be Just for Flavor

Having a herb garden has always been regarded as a “kitchen garden” in that the herbs are grown as flavoring for food dishes. Here we present another side, dual use for herbs making them more serviceable and desirable. In addition to those pictured below are many others that can be decorative in the garden, such

These Don’t Want You To Have A Nice Lawn

A lawn is a beautiful thing, but it takes care in order to avoid excess damage that could jeopardize its health. Dollar Spot occurs with a weather change, as well as lack of nitrogen, because the fertilizer has almost been expended. More fertilizer, and sometimes a fungicide is needed to stop the expanding damage. Sod