August Garden Tips 2016 #2

Our Best Advice For Your Landscape

For Your Lawn: Control Thatch…

The natural function of grasses is to improve the top soil. In order to accomplish this, the grass plant grows quickly, continuously, and is relatively short-lived. A great deal of organic material is created which is then decomposed by njlandscapingaugust2016microbes to incorporate the organic residue into the soil. If the actions of microbes are thwarted in any way, thatch, a layer of undecomposed material, forms as a mat at the intersection of the soil surface and the crown. This detrimental thatch layer inhibits root development and nutrient availability, and prevents proper distribution of water into the soil profile. Its presence also fosters disease and insect incubation, and more weeds. Fall is the prime time to gain control of thatch.


For Your Shrubbery: Note Scale & Insect Activity…njlandscapingscalesaugust2016

Scales are pictured here sucking the life out of a rhodendron. Why? Excessive insect activity elicits the same question which should be professionally pursued in order to avoid yearly excessive insect spraying, or the inevitable loss of valuable shrubbery. Insects do not find healthy shrubs desirable.


For Your Trees: note leafless limbs, or tiny leaves, or early fall leaf color…

Pictured here is a tree with a root system incapable of supplying adequate moisture and nutrients to the entire tree, so the top-most leaves, and then branches, are sloughed off. The “why” must be professionally determined before there is more loss or death.

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