August Garden tips #2

Summer Tree & Shrub Care

While early insects are easy to see, with later insects you have to know where to look! Notched leaves of rhododendron: this is a dead giveaway to taxus weevil larvae girdling the stem. Sap oozing from tree trunks: probably borers. Look under the leaves: aphids and other sucking insects gaining nutrients at the expense of your shrubs’ health. Those ‘bumps’ on tree or shrub branches: many are scale insects. Spider webbing on evergreens: probably spider mites sucking and destroying foliage which will not regrow.

Fact: Your ornamentals are too important and too valuable to go without professional monitoring and care.

Root Balance Is Necessary for Healthy Trees

healthy tree roots

Roots & Canopy In Balance Tree Is Healthy

unhealthy tree

Root System Too Small to Support Tree

The root system supports the tree and must be large enough to be in balance with the tree’s branches and canopy. When the root system is too small to support the leaves and branches, they thin out and die off. The solution is professional pruning and deep root feeding.

This is the time of year when these imbalances show up, often dramatically, and need to be seriously addressed for the longevity of your precious trees!


Gardening Notes

Water is a priority during August when surface soil temperatures can reach 120 degrees. Soils are hardening, so surface watering or occasional rain water doesn’t get down into the root zone, especially if there is a thatch layer. It is likely that turf will need to be watered 3-4 times weekly, while trees may need several slow soaks during the month for 4-8 hours, and shrubbery will need about one inch weekly.

Typical Causes of Browning Turf:

browning lawn*Chinch bugs sucking
*Grubs eating
*Diseases infecting
*Lack of water
*Thatch smothering
*Hard soil/short roots


Spotted Spurge

Summer Weeds

Take advantage of thinning summer turf to emerge at a time when selective weed control is almost dangerous to do. It’s a fall job.

Nice Fall Weather Is Coming

An ideal time to improve an old lawn and revamp a landscape.

Lawn Upgrade or Replacement

new lawn installationOur experience is that most lawn disappointments are inherited, either because of poor initial preparation of the soil or choosing improper grass varieties. At the top of the list is not getting a soil test and amending the soil properly. The decision is either to live with an underperforming lawn, or renovate or replace it.
A professional analysis and discussion is in order to decide.

Perhaps You’re Ready to Complete ‘YOUR’ Landscape

complete landscapingA landscape is a very personal thing. What is delightful for one family, just doesn’t cut it for another.

So, maybe you are now ready to “personalize” a landscape you may have inherited from another family. Or, maybe you were only able to install basic trees and shrubbery at first, but are now ready to do the finishing touches to make it totally appealing to you and your family.
Fall is absolutely the ideal time to plan and accomplish the work. Trees and shrubs transplant well, and new ones get established quickly in the warm soil and cool weather.

And, as a bonus, lawn care professionals are less busy in the fall so your project can advance with extra care.

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