A Time For Trimming

Once the first new spring growth is finished on shrubs, it’s time for trimming, both for neat-ness, as well as to contain the size you want.

Spruce and fir can be kept in shape by cutting new growth back to the juncture of other stems. To keep pines full, and somewhat controlling the size, requires the specific cutting of half of the new sprout that resembles a ‘candle.’

Specimen Japanese Weeping Cut-Leaf Maples Need Special Pruning

Hedges come in many varieties of plants, and all need to have the bottoms broader than the tops. It’s important to allow sunlight to hit the bottom in order to keep the hedge full. This edict applies for all plants, whether trimmed with a trimmer, or done by hand with a pruner.

Ornamental specimens, like this Japanese weeping maple, require care yearly; otherwise they become ‘wild’ with dead branches and crossing stems, causing them to lose their graceful weeping shape, and value

Hand pruning is preferred to ensure proper training and maintenance of valuable ‘sculptured’ specimens.

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