Summer Flowers Without Fuss

“ Snowdrift Rose” Exquisite Beauty Without Fuss


Everyone loves roses! This ‘Snowdrift’ rose is a great choice because it loves to flower constantly all summer and into the fall. And it is determinedly free of diseases, which is the bane of most rose growers. It is also very winter-hardy.

Rose Verbena Performs Beautifully Where Others Can’t

Rose Verbena is a perennial ground cover that does well in hot and dry growing conditions, like on a slope where it will cascade down with almost continuous blooms from spring until fall. Does well even when “neglected.”

Portulaca Varieties Provide Many Colorful Blooms in Hot Conditions

The “champion” heat lover is Portulaca. It even seems to like drought! It has been seen growing in cracks of sidewalks, and loves to grow and flower in any dry, hot spot in your garden. It reseeds itself so you’ll be able to enjoy their abundant blooms for years.

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